Hobby Clubs








The First Eight Years - Absolute Joy 

Students are guided and  encouraged to develop their hobbies through participation in  various hobby clubs in the school like Heritage club, Computer club, Language club, Environment club etc.  Based on their motivation and interests students are given ample opportunities to participate in various competitions and events.
















Music Institute Of Chromatics aka MIC aims to provide a platform for musically inclined people to get formal but personalized training in western music. Music courses include Guitar, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Vocals (Indian/western), Saxophone, Tabla & Violin. For every discipline, MIC religiously follows a rigorous course and syllabus of Trinity College, London. The certification exams of Trinity College are held twice a year and we encourage our students to give those exams and pass with flying colors. MIC's aim is to diminish the concept of hobby classes and replace it with better pedagogy.