Infrastructure & Facility

Our spacious two acre campus is aesthetically planned and child-friendly. Almost 250 trees form the boundary of the school campus, providing the much-needed green lungs in an urban setting. The classrooms are large and ventilated, with ergonomic furniture. There is a jungle gym, sand pit, flexible splash pool and a bike path.



Class Rooms
The rooms are well ventilated, bright, and child friendly with age appropriate furniture. Classrooms are equipped with air conditioning facility. Pre-primary class rooms have different learning corners that focus on individual learners and their strengths.



Play Den
Raised on a very planned basis, it was fenced all around with iron basis and gates for entrance and exit. Beutiful plants and creepers adorned the surroundings. The ground is covered with lush green grass with beautiful flowers all around which smells like heaven. The authorities were saving the day to present the studentsand parents with lush grown, beautiful ambiance to unfurl.



Our library is home to around a thousand books carefully selected to expose children to inspiring literary content and research material. Dedicated reading time encourage children to develop a love for books, imagine and enact characters and stories as well as develop a warm bond with their mentors through story telling sessions.



Art Studio
Our art studio is a stimulating place where children give shape to their ideas. The wide range of art, craft and malleable materials allows children to explore and express freely. Exposure to arts gives them the necessary space and time to indulge their creative force into action and get refreshed in the process.



In house medical room has a qualified doctor and is equipped with the necessary first-aid medicines. In case of any emergencies the school has a tie up with a nearby hospital.



Music Academy
The music studio is a place that puts a pulse and a beat into children. The exposure to a wide range of songs, rhymes, music genres and instruments enhances all their skills. Children are exposed to many instruments and are encouraged to create and enjoy music. Music Institute Of Chromatics aka MIC aims to provide a platform for musically inclined people to get formal but personalized training in western music. Music courses include Guitar, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Vocals (Indian/western), Saxophone, Tabla & Violin. For every discipline, MIC religiously follows a rigorous course and syllabus of Trinity College, London. The certification exams of Trinity College are held twice a year and we encourage our students to give those exams and pass with flying colors. MIC's aim is to diminish the concept of hobby classes and replace it with better pedagogy.



Sports Academy
Physical robustness of our children is one of our top priorities. When children are physically strong they are better equipped to be good learners. Moreover, constructive channelization of their energies helps in the overall development of the children.  We have professional tie-up with IOS Sports Academy. Sports like Boxing, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Handball, and Soccer are also encouraged. Regular in-house competitions are organized to make them understand the value of discipline, team spirit and true sportsmanship.



The Lotus Café
“The Lotus Café” in the school is run by one of the parents. Over the years it has become a favourite hot spot for the students to hang out with friends during their break. It does not encourage junk food like pizzas and burgers; rather it mostly serves hygienic home cooked food at a reasonable price.