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Rabindranath World School is a co-educational, English medium, ISO Certified Senior Secondary School affiliated to C.B.S.E. Our philosophy is aptly conveyed by our logo, the sacred tree of immortality - Banyan Tree
Originating from a tiny seed to germinating even in small cracks and crevices to finally growing into a giant tree covering several hectares signifies the journey of a Banyan tree, also known as ‘Vat’ and ‘Bargad’ representing eternity and divinity .
The seeds of knowledge and wisdom both being eternal and divine when  sown in young minds - nurtured with care and attention, guarded with guidance -  are sure to sprout and grow with enormous vigour and competency to survive all odds, like an unshakable Banyan tree.
Rabindranath World School aims at growing many such Banyan trees deeply  rooted in the wealth of moral and traditional values with branches of knowledge and wisdom spread in various directions having truth, efficiency , honesty , zeal, devotion and determination as their leaves. Having the power to soak in all pain and hardships and reciprocate with virtue and goodness having potential to be an asset to the nation.
At RWS we endeavour that our children are supported individually and their journey of growth is reflected through their stupendous achievements in academics, creative performances, sports and overall wellbeing.


RWS is co-founded by a passionate group of educators who aim to contribute directly to society and nation building. This eclectic group of professionals are alumni from leading institutes in the country viz. IITs, IIMs and LSE. The school was founded with the focus to provide a holistic education with time-tested traditions and strong sense of values, combining academic excellence with personal capabilities.
RWS is one of the top school in Gurgaon, is affiliated with CBSE and provides quality education with world class infrastructure at affordable price.
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Campgreen horn, RWS initiative teaches interpersonal skills, wilderness survival skills, and leadership skills through courses ranging from one day to one week. 

Founded by Alumni of IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore, our mission is to build Character and positive personality traits in youth by strengthening their core values like courage, confidence, integrity, humanity & team spirit using nature and adventure as medium.
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Mahesh Bhupati Tennis Academy opens its first school centre in India at RWS, Gurgaon.

Our Round-the-year Fitness and Physical Education Program for RWS Children 

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