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Bus Routes

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Safety and Security Measures followed in RWS

1. CCTVs are installed outside and inside the entire campus. The cameras cover all the entrances, bus parking area, corridors, classrooms, labs, library, playing area, ground, offices and washrooms.

2. The CCTV cameras are being recorded and monitored on daily basis by the Management and the Principal.

3. We also have CCTV cameras in the buses.

4. Police Verification is done for all the bus drivers, conductors, helpers, guards and maids. Identity proofs for all the employees (academic, non-academic, housekeeping, transport) are taken by the school authorities.

5. Helpers and maids use separate washrooms which are outside the school building. They have been provided with a separate water cooler as well.

6. For visitors (any nature), entry is being made at the gate by the guard and a visitor’s pass is issued.

7. Teachers are put on duty in the morning (while receiving), dispersal, lunch breaks and after dispersal to monitor the movement of the students.

8. Washroom cleaners are put on rotation basis.

9. Core team which comprises of the Principal, Vice-Principal, Headmistress, Coordinators and P.E staff keeps a regular vigil during the school hours.

10. Nannies accompany the students of Early Years to the washrooms, for washing hands  and for any activity outside their classes.

11. In case of Grade 1&2 students, there are two common nannies allotted on each floor who assist the students. Students of Grade 3 and upwards are using the washrooms independently. The staff on duty regularly monitors their movement.

12. In case the child is sick, an adult always accompanies the child to the sick room and the parents are immediately intimated.

13. The school has a first-aid facility and teachers are trained for the same. We also have a tie-up with a multispecialty hospital for emergency services.

14. In case students have to go out for any inter school competitions or outbound trips/excursions, female staff member accompanies the male members if the group includes girl students. In case the Pre-Primary students are going for any outdoor activity, the teachers accompany them at all times along with nanny(ies) (the number varies as per the strength of the students). A list of students who are out of the school campus with complete details is handed over at the reception apart from other concerned members.

15. Regular workshops and counselling sessions on Good Touch and Bad Touch, Anti Bullying and Cyber safety are being organised in the school by the school counsellor and experts from outside. The entire staff (academic, non-academic, housekeeping, transport staff) is regularly being sensitized, counselled and trained to handle crisis situations.

16. Fire safety equipments are in working condition as per the fire safety norms. 

17. In case of any emergency, if the parents have to come to school and collect their ward, they are required to carry the Parent ID Card. The students will not be allowed to leave with anyone else, even with a written consent by the parents.

18. A student who comes to school escorted by domestic help is not allowed to leave before the help arrives carrying the Parent ID Card. In case of delay, the matter is immediately reported to the school office.

19. Due to security reasons, Parents/Attendants are discouraged inside the school premises to give anyEatable / Tiffin boxes / Water bottles to their wards. They are however allowed to leave the above with a neatly labelled chit with the guard.

20. The school is adhering to all the guidelines provided by CBSE and continues to work in the direction of providing safe environment to all the parents for their children.