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Maths Cafeteria 2020
Maths Cafeteria 2020   

The Maths Cafeteria, a fun filled and exuberant celebration by the students of Class 2 was held on 28 January, 2020 in the school premises.

An aromatic food court was set up and the students dressed themselves up as chefs and waiters. They took orders from the parents, made calculations, returned the change and served the food to their parents. This way they displayed their mathematical skills and knowledge on how to make calculations, carry out addition and subtraction and presented their skills of communication, hospitality, courtesy and good manners. It was a sight to see the young kids handling their first business venture.

A small cultural program was put up by the other students of the Primary Wing in the school auditorium. It was a truly mesmerizing show as there was a zumba workout by the tiny tots of Class I, a contemporary dance by the students of Class 5, a classical dance by students of Class 4, Class 3 children performed on a song which stressed on raising consciousness for compliance with traffic rules and a melodious foot tapping number by the school choir. Everyone sat glued to their seat and the zeal and enthusiasm of the children enthralled the audience.

The event was graced by the presence of the Honorable Principal Mr. Gaurav Tomar and the Director of the school, Mrs. Manisha Singh.

All the parents enjoyed the delicacies and were glad to see the overall development and the confidence level of their children. Once again a great example of active participation, dedication and coordination by the RWS family. 


    Republic Day Celebration 2020
    Republic Day Celebration 2020   

    71st Republic day was celebrated with all its solemnity and grandeur at Rabindranath World School on 24th January 2020. The function began with the hoisting of the tricolour, the pride of Nation by the revered chief guest Wg. Cdr. Y. S. Tomar.
    The school echoed with patriotism fervour as the students danced to the tunes of patriotic songs. The chief guest in his address highlighted the significance of the day, and made the children aware that the future of their country lies in their hands. 
    Everyone took a pledge to uphold the honour, integrity, dignity and uniqueness of our nation. The function ended with the national anthem.