Hobby Clubs

The RWS Club  which will have the following deliverables and salient features for the students:

  • Skill-based learning activities across all Clubs.
  • Dedicated mentors across all Club options and disciplines.
  • Detailed session with equal focus on theory and hands on practical exposure
  • Internships during summer and winter breaks (wherever necessary and recommended)
  • Field trips one in three months (at extra fee) and participation in interschool and interdisciplinary workshops and contests
  • Certification across all clubs at the end of the academic year

Music Club  
‘Inhale creativity, exhale positivity’ is the motto of our Music club instructors as they leave no stone unturned impart a curriculum enriched with melody, 

We, at RWS, believe that music can enhance student's creativity and exposure to music at a very young age, can bring out the best in them. A fun and interactive Music curriculum designed by Kalakul. Kalakul takes pride in its professional, young and vibrant team members, who are dedicated to spread the benefits of music. Each and every member is highly regarded performer, composer, educator and scholar who makes up the kalakul team and they have won several awards and are recognized nationwide. It aims to provide a platform for musically inclined people to get formal but personalized training in music. We have dedicated music faculty for  Vocal music, Instrumental music and various dance forms.
For More Info www.kalakul.in


Theatre Club 
Art begins where words cease to exist and can be referred to as the most fundamental human experience. The Dramatics club at RWS aims to enable each student to express themselves in a better manner. From street plays to dialogue delivery, from short skits to group performances, Dramatics and dance club students work on a one-on-one mentorship and guidance towards a more artistic future.


Media Club
A balanced mix of practical and theoretical learning curated around the relevant topics, Media club encourages students to explore the changing landscape of broadcast industry in our country, get hands on experience with various platforms of mass media. Students are encouraged to make their own photography portfolio, make short films around interesting topics along with exposure to editing, film making, journalism etc. They are also taken on field trips to explore art and the history of photography, film making, broadcast shows et al.


AI and Robotics Club
The students at RWS dare to innovate and we call them future coders, future designers and most importantly Future leaders. AI and Robotics, an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that combines IOT, coding, mechanical design etc. Artificial intelligence is influencing every sector of our life including education, medical, household and so on. The students in this club are hand held across using this discipline to empower themselves and others in day to day life and retain the positive aspects of AI and Robotics.


Sports Club
Rabindranath World School has partnered with IOS which is India’s leading Sports and Entertainment Company. IOS is dedicated towards building and managing world-renowned talent, content and infrastructure. The key strength of IOS is a highly experienced, skilled and professional team, united and motivated by their passion for sports and entertainment. We have dedicated coaches for Basketball, Tennis, Boxing, Football, Volleyball, Badminton offering specialized training programme during and after school hours.